1-121st Field Artillery Veterans Association

World War I

“The World War demonstrated the importance of Field Artillery. The majority of casualties were inflicted by the arm.”

Gen John J. Pershing


Creation of the 121st Field Artillery Regiment

  • Our Country's Call to Arms, First Wisconsin Field Artillery, July 15, 1917



1916July 15, 19171st Field ArtilleryMAJ Phillip C. Westfahl
July 15, 1917September 18, 1917First Wisconsin Field ArtilleryCOL Phillip C. Westfahl
September 19, 1917July 1918121st Field Artillery RegimentCOL Phillip C. Westfahl
July 1918November 1918121st Field Artillery RegimentMAJ Arthur
November 1918April 1919121st Field Artillery RegimentCOL James A. Thomas
April 1919May 17, 1919121st Field Artillery RegimentCOL Phillip C. Westfahl

War Dead

PVT Clarence E. HutchesonAugust 1, 1918HQ/121st FA RegimentBentonville, ArkansasReunion Souvenir, 15, 28
32ND DIV WWI, 250
Killed in Action
PVT Helmet SteverAugust 5, 1918D/121st FA RegimentReunion Souvenir, 28
WI Goldstar, 17
Iron BDE WWI, p28
Killed in Action
PFC Mark L. DuaneAugust 5, 1918D/121st FA RegimentMellen, Wisconsinwww.abmc.gov
Iron BDE WWI, 28
Goldstar list, 15
Reunion Souvenir, 28-29
Killed in Action
PVT John L. GalvinAugust 11, 1918A/121st FA RegimentCottage Grove, WisconsinReunion Souvenir, 28-29
WI Goldstar, 37
32ND DIV WWI, 243
Killed in Action
CPL William WeissAugust 22, 1918F/121st FA RegimentReunion Souvenir, 28
Beach, 15
Died of Wounds
PVT Peter J. HeffronAugust 28, 1918A/121st FA RegimentMilwaukee, WisconsinReunion Souvenir, 28
32ND DIV WWI, 248
Goldstar list, 92
Died of Wounds
CPL Harold T. KisterAugust 30, 1918F/121st FA RegimentRacine, WisconsinReunion Souvenir, 28
Beach, 18
Racine, 240
Killed in Action
CPL Thomas E. DelormeSeptember 14, 1918New London, Wisconsinwww.abmc.govDied of Wounds
PFC Nick L GarskiOctober 3, 1918F/121st FA RegimentWisconsinwww.abmc.gov
Beach, 33-34
Reunion Souvenir, 28
Racine, 242
Killed in Action
CPL Arthur J. MuellerOctober 5, 1918D/121st FA RegimentMilwaukee, WisconsinReunion Souvenir, 28 Goldstar List, 98
32ND DIV WWI, 267
Died of Wounds
1LT Elmer S. TerhuneOctober 8, 1918New Jerseywww.abmc.govKilled in Action
PVT Frank GazkaOctober 9, 1918Menasha, Wisconsinwww.abmc.govDied of Wounds
PVT John J. HagenOctober 27, 1918New York www.abmc.govKilled in Action
PVT T.C. CarpenterOctober 28, 1918North Carolinawww.abmc.gov
PVT Leo JankowskiOctober 31, 1918A/121st FA RegimentWisconsinwww.abmc.govKilled in Action
PVT Peter E. JacobsenNovember 16, 1918Wisconsinwww.abmc.gov
PFC Mike J. SmatkoJanuary 3, 1919Pennsylvaniawww.abmc.gov
PVT Guerino Casellini January 20, 1919Vermontwww.abmc.govDied of Disease
PVT Elmer F. ShanksAshland, WisconsinWI Goldstar, 17
PVT Elmore E. SchramAugust 11, 1918Baraboo, WisconsinReunion Souvenir, 28
Died of Wounds
PVT Gale WeltonSextonville, WisconsinWI Goldstar, 126
PVT John WilliamsDecember 6, 1918Reunion Souvenir, 28-29Died of Disease
PVT George H WilkinsDarien, WisconsinReunion Souvenir, 28-29
PVT Elmer C. WhitneyJanuary 29, 1919Waupaca, WisconsinReunion Souvenir, 28-29Died of Disease
PVT Harold SmithOctober 16, 1918Reunion Souvenir, 28-29Died of Wounds
PVT James S RodgersonFebruary 14, 1919Reunion Souvenir, 28-29Died of Disease
PVT Paul PoguetteAugust 17, 1918Reunion Souvenir, 28-29Died of Disease
SGT Roy SinnottOctober 1, 1918Died of Wounds