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On Wednesday, September 11, 1884 W.B Roberts and A.L. Darrow organized a meeting at an office of the Wisconsin Telephone Company in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The purpose of the meeting was to create a field artillery battery and the twelve men in attendance that day signed an agreement to assist in organizing the unit  The battery would become formally organized as a part of the Wisconsin National Guard on May 11th, 1885, with Civil War veteran Captain Joseph B. Oliver elected as the commander of the newly formed 65-man “First Wisconsin Battery.” 

The First Wisconsin Battery would evolve and grow during the pre-WWI period to become the Wisconsin 1st Field Artillery Regiment as the United States prepared for  WWI.  The Regiment re-organized on September 22, 1917 and became the “121st Field Artillery Regiment.”  Over the past 100 years the 121st Field Artillery Regiment has served with distinction during WWI, WWII, and the Global War on Terror (121st Field Artillery History MapGWOT). To this day, the 1st Battalion 121st Field Artillery Regiment of the Wisconsin Army National Guard maintains its headquarters in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

The map to the right highlights the locations where units of Regiment have served overseas during the previous ~100 years.  The table below provides a summary of the units whose lineage is associated with the 121st Field Artillery Regiment and periods of federal service.  See the links in the table below for more detail on the 121st Field Artillery Regiment history.

Era Unit(s) Federal Service Background
Time Period Locations(s)


1885 -1916

1st Wisconsin Battery

1st Light Battery

Battery “A”, 1st Light Artillery

Battery “A”, 1st Field Artillery

1st Field Artillery Regiment

Jul 1898 –

Sep 1898

Camp Douglas, WI Battery “A”, 1st Light Artillery from Milwaukee, WI mobilized during the Spanish-American War.

Jul 1916 –

Oct 1916

Camp Douglas, WI

Camp Wilson, TX

Battery “A”, 1st Field Artillery from Milwaukee, WI was mobilized and sent to Texas during the Mexican Border incident.


1917 – 1918

1st Field Artillery Regiment

121st Field Artillery Regiment

Jul 1917 –

May 1919

Camp Douglas, WI

Camp McArthur, TX

France, Germany

The 1st Field Artillery Regiment was mobilized in early July 1917.  On September 19, 1917  the unit became the 121st FA Regiment. Units comprising the 121st FA Regiment originated from the Wisconsin cities of Milwaukee, Green Bay, and Racine.


1940 – 1945



 121st Field Artillery Regiment

Oct 1940 –

Feb 1942

Camp Beauregard, LA

Camp Livingston, LA


The 121st FA Regiment was mobilized on October 15, 1940.  After undergoing multiple re-organizations between February 1942 and February 1943 units created from the 121st FA Regiment began to deploy for overseas service. 

The units created from the 121st FA Regiment would add Soldiers from throughout the US during the extended mobilization.  However, the units mobilized on October 15, 1940 originated from the Wisconsin cities of Abbotsford, Eau Claire, Green Bay, Hartford, Janesville, Kenosha, Mauston, Milwaukee, Racine, River Falls, Waterford, and Whitefish Bay. 

121st Field Artillery Battalion

173rd Field Artillery Group

173rd Field Artillery Battalion

985th Field Artillery Battalion

Feb 1942 –

Feb 1946


Camp Livingston, LA

Camp Gruber, OK

Pacific Theatre

European Theatre

Mediterranean Theatre

Berlin Crisis


1-121st Field Artillery Regiment

2-121st Field Artillery Regiment

3-121st Field Artillery Regiment

Oct 1961 –

Aug 1962

Fort Lewis, WA All Battalions of the 121st Field Artillery Regiment were called to active duty with the 32nd Infantry Division for the Berlin Crisis.    The mobilized Battalions were headquartered in the Wisconsin cities Marshfield, River Falls, and Whitefish Bay.


2006 – 2015

1-121st Field Artillery Regiment

Apr 2006 –

July 2007

Camp Shelby, MS

Kuwait & Iraq

The 1st Battalion 121st FA Regiment mobilized in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.  The deployed units originated from the Wisconsin cities of Plymouth, Milwaukee, and Sussex as well as communities from the States of Maine and Nevada.

A/1-121st Field Artillery Regiment

108th Forward Support Company

Jan 2009 –

Jan 2010

Fort Bliss, TX


Two units of the 1-121st FA mobilized with the 32nd IBCT in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.  The mobilized units originated from the Wisconsin cities of Racine and Sussex.
B/1-121st Field Artillery Regiment

Jan 2013 –

Oct 2013

Fort Bliss, TX


B/1-121st FA mobilized in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.
A/1-121st Field Artillery Regiment

Apr 2014 –

Jan 2015

Fort Bliss, TX


A/1-121st FA mobilized in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.

Please see our Contact Us page if you have questions or additional information regarding the history or activities of the 121st Field Artillery Regiment. The Association is collecting digitized written and photographic source material in an effort to foster and perpetuate our traditions and preserve the incidents and memories of the units during times of war and times of peace.